• CS | Measuring for Your Dog
  • CS | Measuring for Your Dog

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CS | Measuring for Your Dog

Canine Styles has made a great effort to size all of our products carefully and consistently.

Please measure your dog to ensure that the products you order are the correct fit. It is best when measuring to use a soft measuring tape.

For Coats and Sweaters, Measure from the bottom of the neck to the beginning of the tail.. The LENGTH of the Backbone. Our coats and Sweaters run pretty true to the backbone measurement!!!! See below for Nantucket sweater measuring!!

For the neck, measure the entire distance around the circumference of the neck. For the body, measure the distance around the body behind the front legs.

For the back measurement (this is the crucial measurement for coats) carefully measure the distance from the base of the neck to the base of the tail—the length of the backbone. This exact measurement will give you the size of the coats or sweater.  Please select the size that brings the coat as close as possible to the tail without going over.

IMPORTANT ---- For Nantucket Sweaters, please purchase one size up. example - Pup measures 14" please buy sz 16"!!! Only for NANTUCKET go up ONE size...

Collars --- from the tip to tip of the collar. If the actual measurement of your dogs neck is 12" buy a 14" collar!!!

Harness measurements provided correspond with the measurement of the barrel of the chest.

All clothing items should be measured lengthwise from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. Our sizes are the length of the backbone in inches...

Questions about sizing call us at 212-472-9440