• Canine Styles - Cotton Canvas - Brown Watermill - Dog Bed
  • Canine Styles - Cotton Canvas - Brown Watermill - Dog Bed

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Canine Styles - Cotton Canvas - Brown Watermill - Dog Bed

Canine Styles luxury dog beds are designed with sophistication and current trends in mind while remaining classic and chic. This canvas watermill dog bed is perfect for the owner who loves to incorporate a chic texture and pattern into their home. Your furry friend deserves a stylish bed that reflects the fulfilling lifestyle you provide. Your pooch is more than your pet — he’s your best friend and deserves the high-quality comfort of a luxury dog bed.

This splendid nesting bed has a rounded plush bolster that create the most comfortable bed your pooch will ever experience. This design encourages the natural curled sleeping habits that keep your pup cozy for hours of napping.

With sizes ranging from 20" to 36" in diameter, these watermill designs are perfect for your all breeds from the Chihuahua to the Vizla. The 100% cotton canvas slipcover is removable for easy washing and with unmatched durability, the colors and patterns won’t fade, remaining a triumph for years to come.

Canine Styles has been cultivating unmatched luxury for your pup’s style and comfort needs since 1959. From luxury winter coats to Canine Styles top-selling blankets and mats the choices are formidable and fabulously fun.

Chong the Chihuahua weighs 5lbs and enjoys a 20" bolster nesting bed....

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